Collect Thet Unpaid Overtime That Your Employer Owes You! The Federal Government Will Protect Your Rights And Will Help You Collect Your Unpaid Overtime

Main stream media may not report on the way businesses, both small and large, are cheating their employees but that doesn’t make it any less common. It is a growing epidemic, and you are one of thousands of people suffering through unfair and illegal practices that involve unpaid overtime.

This problem exists in every class, in every state, all over the U.S. but it’s even more prominent with migrant workers, regardless of legal citizenship, and it needs to stop. You have rights when it comes to unpaid over, whether a citizen of this country or not.

Citizenship & Working Status does not dictate how much you get paid
It does not make you exempt from overtime pay.
Unpaid Overtime Is Illegal, Period.

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The U.S. Department of Labor, a department operating from federal jurisdiction, states clearly that any employee earning less than $455 per week (approx. $24,660 per year) is guaranteed overtime protection regardless of their immigration status.

Even an employee working within the U.S. under illegal means, without citizenship or a work visa, is entitled to overtime pay if they are employed by a company operating within the borders of the United States of America. Unpaid overtime is a crime, and any employee (both legal and illegal) can collect up to a full 3 years of unpaid overtime.

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Many immigrants working within the U.S. (especially those without legal passage) are sickened by the mistreatment they receive and want justice, but they’re afraid that making such a claim would cost them their work, and as such their livelihood.

That’s a fear you don’t have to suffer from – ever. The Federal Government grants any employee (legal or otherwise) complete protection from retribution when a case is filed for unpaid overtime. That means:

  • No retaliation from your employer
  • Your Job is protected
  • Your Income is protected
  • Your Compensation is GUARANTEED!

When you work long hours, in difficult and often dangerous jobs away from your family, you deserve to be compensated for the work you do.

All The Work You Do

When an employer leaves you with unpaid overtime, they’re stealing from you. When your employer steals from you, they’re not only stealing from you and your family, but from every other hard working employee.

U.S. Department Of Labor, any employee who works more than 40 hours per week is due overtime at one and one half times the current pay rate per hour. If you aren’t receiving that compensation then you are OVER DUE to get what is owed you.

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Use our overtime calculator to find out an approximation of how much you can collect from your employer for lost and unpaid overtime. If you’re owed unpaid overtime, then it’s time for you collect what’s rightfully yours.